Garage Drip Removal

Garage Drip is caused by water leaching through concrete and falling on your vehicle. This process causes a dull white stain that many mistake for hard to clean bird droppings. Often cars are repainted to fix this problem.

The Auto Groom offers a cost effective alternative that removes the stain, while maintaining the original paint.

White Car with garage drip stain
White Car with Limestone Stain
Vehicle with Garage Drip stain removed

Garage Drip: Before

Garage Drip: Before & After

Garage Drip: After

Garage Drip Removal: Before
Garage Drip Removal: Before & After
Limestone Stain Removal: Before & After
Garage Drip Removal: After
Limestone Stain Removal: Before
Limestone Stain Removal: After
Garage Drip Stain: Before
Limestone Drip Stain: After
Limestone Drip Stain: Before
Garage Drip Stain: After

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