Price List

Price List

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NOTE: Parking Fees are not included in our service pricing.

Effective January 1st, 2020 The Auto Groom will be charging:

Service Regular Sized SUV / Crossover* Large SUV / Mini-vans*
Exterior (out) $30.97 $35.40 $39.82
Interior (in) $35.40 $39.82 $44.25
Disinfectant Fogging $35.40 $35.40 $35.40
In and Out $57.52 $66.37 $70.80
Exterior and Wax $92.92 $119.47 $128.32
In and Out with Wax $119.47 $154.87 $168.14
Polish and Wax $154.87 $203.54 $225.67
Interior Shampoo and Exterior $141.59 $168.14 $177.00
Leather Conditioner $39.82 $48.67 $53.10
Complete Detailing $292.04 $354.00 $389.38
Express Wax $22.12 $30.97 $35.40
Floor Mat Shampoo $8.00/per $25.00 (4)
Garage Drip Removal By Quote By Quote By Quote
Scratch Removal By Quote By Quote By Quote
Overspray Removal By Quote By Quote By Quote
Dent Repair By Quote By Quote By Quote

Taxes not included. Prices subject to change without notice.
Prices may vary according to the condition of the vehicle.
Not responsible for loss content or damage to vehicle.
Appointments recommended.

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