Garage Drip Removal

Garage Drip is caused by water leaching through concrete and falling on your vehicle. This process causes a dull white stain that many mistake for hard to clean bird droppings. Often cars are repainted to fix this problem.

The Auto Groom offers a cost effective alternative that removes the stain, while maintaining the original paint.

Garage Drip: Before

Garage Drip: Before & After

Garage Drip: After

Garage Drip Removal: Before
Garage Drip Removal: Before & After
Limestone Stain Removal: Before & After
Garage Drip Removal: After
Limestone Stain Removal: Before
Limestone Stain Removal: After
Garage Drip Stain: Before
Limestone Drip Stain: After
Limestone Drip Stain: Before
Garage Drip Stain: After

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