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Ideally, you should have your car completely detailed, inside and out, in the Spring. Wash it every week or two, or as needed, and wax the vehicle at each change of the seasons. Leather conditioner should be applied at the least twice a year (more often for convertibles, or cars with interior exposed to the sun) this will prevent the leather from drying and cracking. The undercarriage should be sprayed at a touchless car wash, or have the brushes turned off at a mechanical one with just the undercarriage spray going at least once a year. Best done after the winter before getting it detailed.


You should have their car cleaned once a week to keep dirt and salt off the car. This isn’t necessary but is the best way to ensure your vehicle is taken care of.


We provide exterior and interior car detailing services, including wax, mat shampooing and leather conditioning. We also offer repairs for minor scratches and dents. For a fill list of the services and prices we offer, visit our services page.


We have a full list of our services and their descriptions listed on our services page.


Between our detail shops and mobile services, we service over 50 buildings on the Yonge St. corridor from the Lakeshore up to Finch.

Don’t see your building on the list? Call 416 622-1943 or email to see if we can service your building. The Auto Groom can usually service any building with sanitary sewers and adequate access from property management.


From time to time, our shops may appear empty. However this doesn’t mean we are closed. You can call us at our office number 416 622-1943 or email and we will make sure we get your vehicle done.


We use these chamois’ for door jambs and wiping the bottom of the car. We use our new and better chamois’ for the drying of the car and wiping down of the interior. There is nothing to be concerned about, these old chamois’ are only used for the dirtiest parts of the car.


Waxing – This process thoroughly cleans, shines and protects a car’s finish. When a car is already in good shape, (i.e. new or recently polished, 1-6 months), a good coat of wax is usually sufficient to make and keep the car looking great.

Polishing – This process thoroughly cleans your car and then restores the paint to its original colour. It removes many blemishes and minor scratches, as well as oxidation. The results are dramatic and we highly recommend regular polishing of your vehicle. This should be done 2 – 12 times a year, depending on your vehicle and lifestyle, (i.e. parked outside or inside, weekend skier or cottager, black car, etc.).

Both waxing and polishing are good for your vehicle and can be done as often as you like with no adverse effects to your cars finish.

Compounding / Buffing – This process repairs damage to your cars finish. Damage being deeper scratches, staining, acid rain, industrial fallout, rail filings, heavy oxidation and the like. The results are rather amazing. Most people aren’t aware of the things that can be fixed by this method and end up repainting their vehicle unnecessarily. A car’s finish can withstand being buffed several times over its life. This is a repair step to a damaged finish, which is followed up with polish and wax. Sometimes to repair minor defects in shipping or handling by the dealer new cars are buffed without your knowledge.

Water Sanding/Wet Sanding/Colour Sanding – This is a very delicate process that most detail shops don’t offer. When you have a scratch too deep for buffing to get out, the last hope to save your original paint job is wet sanding. If this doesn’t do it you need touch up paint or to repaint part or the entire vehicle.

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