Service Description

Exterior (Out): Cleans the exterior of your car by hand including rims. Door jambs are wiped and tires are dressed.

Interior (In): Rubber mats are shampooed (if any) interior is vacuumed and doors/dashboard/seats are wiped down. Interior of windows are cleaned as well.

Disinfectant Fogging: Disinfect and sanitize the entire inside of the vehicle. This service can be provided for offices as well, contact us for more details.

In and Out: Combines both the exterior and interior service (See above) and drivers carpet mat is shampooed.

Exterior and Wax: On top of the exterior service the car is coated in carnauba paste wax which is the hardest natural wax. This shines and protects the finish of the car.

In and Out with Wax: Combines our Exterior, Interior, and Wax services (See above).

Polish and Wax: Exterior wash as above. Car is clayed, polished with a high speed buffer and then sealed with wax. This removes any surfactants, oxidation and fine to medium scratches, your cars colour will be restored with a brilliant shine and protection.

Interior Shampoo and Exterior: On top of the exterior service the inside of the car is fully detailed. Most stains are removed such as oil, tar and salt which makes the interior look brand new.

Leather Conditioner: Replenishes the natural oils that are lost from leather and leather type products. This keeps the material supple and prevents premature wear.

Complete Detailing: As title implies, all services are applied to vehicle. If one is trying to sell their car or make it look new again this is the service you will require. Savings on this service is over $100 compared to our services individually priced.

Express Wax: Add an express wax with your wash. This liquid wax contains carnauba and leaves a brilliant shine.

Garage Drip Removal: Garage drip is caused by water leaching through concrete and falling on the vehicle. It causes a dull white stain that may be mistaken for bird droppings that won’t come off. Often cars are repainted to fix this problem. The Auto Groom offers a cost effective alternative that removes the stain while maintaining the original paint. (read more)

Scratch Removal: Polishing removes fine to medium scratches. Medium to deep scratches need buffing or sanding or both. If a scratch is too deep it will need a body shop. Scratch removal is done by quote, The Auto Groom will need to see the vehicle in order to estimate the time involved to repair it.

Overspray Removal: By quote, The Auto Groom would need to see the vehicle in order to estimate the time involved.

Dent Repair: Small dents from shopping carts, door dings, etc. can be removed on the spot without repainting the vehicle. First dent is $150 additional dents are less. Please call for quote.

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